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Codes & Standards Guidelines & Manuals Orders
Laws & Regulations Tariffs & Charges Decisions and Rulings




NERC Third Quarter Report, 2017 2 August, 2018
Updated List of No Objections Holders as at July 31, 2018 2 August, 2018
1. The Distribution Code 22 July, 2018
2. Order on Suspension of Good Cause 6 July, 2018
3. Order on Extension of Time – MAP 4 July, 2018
4. NERC Order on the Suspension of the Board of IBEDC 25 June, 2018
5. List of Firms Granted “No Objection” 21 June, 2018
6. NERC Order on Timelines to Facilitate Distribution Grid Connection 18 May, 2018
7. TCN (ISO) Generation Adequacy Report 15 May, 2018
8. TCN Expansion Plan Report 15 May, 2018
9. Factsheet on Meter Asset Provider Regulations 28 March, 2018
10. Application Form for Meter Asset Provider 26 March, 2018
11. Uniform System of Accounts Regulation 2018 23 March, 2018
12. Application for Electricity Supply and Agreement Form 19 March, 2018



Advertisements Model Contracts
Codes, Standards and Manuals MYTO
Consultation Papers MYTO 2015
Consumer Affairs NERC Audited Financial Statements
Consumer Forum NERC Decisions and Rulings
Consumer Protection NERC Forms
Dispute Resolution Panel NERC Guidelines
Draft Documents NERC Orders
Factsheet NERC papers and Presentations
FOI  – Your Right to Information NERC Reports
Forum Office Petitions
Generator Application Documents Regulations
Hearings Tariff, Charges & Market Rules
Industry Reports Terms of Reference
Industry Statistics Weekly Energy Watch
Interim Market Rules Workshops



The Distribution Code
Grid Code
List of Successful Metering Service providers
Metering Code
Health and Safety Code
Grid Code for Public Consultation
Connection Methodology
Nigerian Electricity Health and Safety Standards Manual Part 5
Nigerian Electricity Health and Safety Standards Manual Part 4
Nigerian Electricity Health and Safety Standards Manual Part 2
Nigerian Electricity Health and Safety Standards Manual Part 1
Health and Safety Manual (table of Contents)
Grid Code Appendices



1. NERC Decision on the Case between A & P Food and Exusia
2. Abuja Electricity Distribution Company Electrocution Decision
3. Petadis Enterprises & HFP Properties Ltd Decision
4. Ruling on NICON Town Management Company PLC
5. Ruling on Crown Estate Petition
6. LASG V. PHCN NERC Ruling on Respondents Objection to its Jurisdiction



1. Order of Suspension of Good Cause
2. Order on Extension of Time – MAP
3. NERC Order on the Suspension of the Board of IBEDC
4. NERC Order on Timelines to Facilitate Distribution Grid Connection
5. NERC Order on Unauthorised Access, Meter Tampering and Bypass
6. Directive on Electrocution
7. Non-Compliance of Eko Electricity Distribution Plc
8. Non-Compliance of Afam Power Plc
9. NERC’s Directive on the Issues of Non-Compliance of Port Harcourt Distribution Company
10. NERC’s Directive on the Issue of Non-Compliance of Benin DisCo
11. Non-Compliance of Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Plc (PHEDC)
12. Non-Compliance of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Plc
13. Non-Compliance of Ikeja Electricity Distribution Plc
14. Order on the Imbalance Application Mechanism during the Transitional Electricity market (TEM)
15. NERC Order on Refund of Overbilled Customers by AEDC
16. NERC Supplementary Order on TEM
17. NERC Order on NESI Transitional Stage Electricity Market (TEM)
18. Order on the Defintiion of “Capacity Made Available” as referred to in Section 16 of the Rules for the Interim Period between completion of Privatisation  and the Start of the Transitional Electricity Market
19. Order Revising Conditions for the Payment of Fixed Charge by Electricity Consumers
20. Order: Amendment of Interim Rules
21. Interim Order on the “Fit and Proper” Review of the Privatised Electricity Licenses
22. Fit and proper Interim Order
23. NERC Order – Procedure for Obtaining Approval for Assignment, Ceding of a Licence, Transfer of Undertaking or Change in Shareholding of Licensed Entities
24. The NERC Order on Credited Advance Payment for Metering Implementation (CAPMI)
25. Order Mandating Distribution Companies to Hold Sensitization Workshop on Customer Service
26. Order for the Payment of Licence Fees in US Dollars or its Naira Equivalent
27. Order for the Payment of Licence Fees by Successor Companies
28. Order for the Operations of the Metering Code by Electric Power Sector Operators
29. Order for the Operations of the Grid Code by the Electric Power Sector Operators
30. NERC Order to Discos on Electrocution
31. NERC Order Abolishing Meter Maintenance Fee



1. NESI Market Rules
2. Rules for the Interim Period between Completion of Privatisation and the start of the TEM, 2013



1. Uniform System of Accounts Regulations 2016
2. NERC MAP Regulations
3. NERC Eligible Customer Regulation 2017
4. Electric Power Sector Reform Act (EPSR), 2005
5. MYTO Mini Grid Model
6. NERC Mini Grid Regulation
7. Nigerian Electricity Smart Metering Regulation
8. Regulation on Electric Fencing in the Nigerian Power Sector 2016
9. Definition of Good Cause
10. Electricity Industry Enforcement Regulation
11. Nigerian Electricity Supply and Installation Standards regulations 2015
12. Regulations on Procedure for Electricity Tariff Reviews in the NESI
13. NERC Investment in Electricity Networks Regulation 2015
14. Regulations on procedure for Electricity Tariff Reviews in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry
15. Regulations on National Content Development for the Power Sector 2014
16. NERC Methodology for the Determination of Connection Charges for Electricity Supply)
17. NERC (Independent Electricity Supply Networks) Regulations, 2012
18. NERC 9Embedded Generation) Regulations, 2012
19. NERC (Methodology for Estimated Billing) Regulations, 2012
20. NERC (Acquisition of land and Access Rights for Electricity Projects) regulations, 2012
21. Regulation for the Procurement of Generation Capacity, 2014
22. Estimated Billing Methodology
23. Connection and Disconnection Procedures
24. Customer Complaints Handling Standards and Procedures
25. Customer Service Standards
26. Meter Reading, Billing, Cash Collections and Credit management for Electricity Supplies
27. NERC Licence and Operating Fees Regulations 2010
28. Regulation for Captive Power Generation
29. NERC Application for Licence Regulation 2010
30. NERC Reporting Compliance Regulation 2009
31. NERC Business Rules
32. NERC Regulation for IEDN, 2012
33. NERC Regulation on Embedded Generation 2012


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The Constitution National Legislations Treaties of the Federation
Federal Court Rules State Court Rules Court Judgments
MDA Regulations SON Standards Executive Orders
Nig. Nuclear Reg. Auth., NNRA NAFDAC NESREA
Dept of Pet. Res. DPR Securities & Exchange Comm., SEC NERC
Fed. Inland Rev. Service, FIRS Fed. Road Safety Corps., FRSC Central Bank of Nigeria, FBN
Nig. Communications Comm., NCC1 Nig. Broadcasting Comm., NBC Nig. Copyright Comm., NCC2
Bio-Chemical and Bio-Safety Service & Quality Others



Agriculture Food Technology Packaging, Distribution of Goods
Audio, Video, Audio-Visual, Image & PrecisionTech. Generalities Paint & Colour Industry
Chemical Technology Glass & Ceramic Industries Paper Products and Technology
Civil Engineering Healthcare Technology Petroleum and Related Technology
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Domestic & Commercial Equipment Information  Technology and Office Equipment Rubber, Plastic Tyre, Adhesives and Cellular Materials
Electrical Engineering Material handling Equipment Sociology Services
Electronics Manufacturing Engineering Telecommunications Engineering
Entertainment and Sports Metallurgy Testing
Environment & Health Protection Metrology & Measurement of Physical Phenomena Textile and Leather Technology
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